first off, apologies for the slow posting recently. i know some were disappointed.

i’d like to take this chance to tell you guys that i’ve already hit 25,000 views on my flickr account! here’s a handy link in case you didn’t know about it

okay, today’s subject. loneliness.  I happen to know someone who deeply appreciates loneliness, i on the other hand, have something worse in mind. what’s worse than being lonely when you’re alone is to be lonely when you’ve got the entire world at your fingertips. when all the people that are trying to get close to you are the people you wish you could keep away. but at what price?

here’s something else, suppose you go to a pet shop. you decide on buying a cute puppy. you look around, you immediately click with this adorable puppy with the most pleasant eyes you could possibly imagine! you reach out, you grab him, you cuddle, you fall in love with the darned thing. and then all of a sudden the shop keeper comes in and says “excuse me sir, i’m afraid this dog’s not what you’re looking for. you’re looking for this one” and he hands over another puppy that’s even cuter. now, regardless of which pup is cuter than the other, by what right does he have the audacity to tell you what you’re looking for?

ah! this is just another random rant, i’ll be more coherent later on when i’ve done a few things.


~ by Mazz on 4 February, 2007.

2 Responses to “”

  1. commence please..
    i want to read more…

  2. You can just follow your heart and stick with the first one.

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