so i took this shot back when octagram magazine was writing a piece about this designer. this is the model we used, i’d like you to ponder something here for a momen. this is a candid shot, it looks candid, she’s not looking into the camera and she didn’t know she was being photographed at that moment. but on the other hand, she’s there to be photographed! so does that shot still remain candid?

you’ll probably say that it’s not a candid shot eventhough it makes you feel like it is! deception is very tricky now isn’t it?was i lying when i said it was a candid shot? was she lying when she acted as if she didn’t know she was being shot? i guess it really doesn’t matter all that much in the end once you saw the outcome!


~ by Mazz on 13 January, 2007.

2 Responses to “Candid”

  1. interesting observations…i love your posts. a pic and something that is indirectly connected to the pic. keep it up man!

  2. you bet!

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