Thin Line

it’s a very thin line that seperates reality from a mere reflection. it’s funny how the things that we inflict upon ourselves are sometimes the hardest when they don’t need to be.

friggin’ A. i’m ranting again. who cares?

i guess somethings can’t be expressed by words. so i leave you with this photo and a question,
is that fire burning in destruction or to warm someone up?

you chose. you decide, you control.


~ by Mazz on 4 January, 2007.

4 Responses to “Thin Line”

  1. I think it’s warming something..

  2. I’ll go for warming. But of course it needs to burn something to warm someone.

  3. we inflict pain upon ourselves as a form of punishment of failing at something or feeling like we failed at something. wishful thinking would say its keeping me warm. negative thinking would say its burning me. i think our fire within us does a little of both sometimes. there’s a thin line between it all and we have to do the dance and dance in the fire or be out of it. fire is a symbol of many tings for a reason. each interpretation is the way we were thinking and feeling at that moment, thats why we all interpret art differently.

  4. @Jazz: HUGS!

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