Paint a picture with your head

Tolerance, to tolerate, to be tolerant, patience, acceptance…all attributes that i seem to posess in abundance. however, just as any other human being, we all have out limits. right now i’m currently at a limit. maybe not exactly there but very close.
one of the things that drive me up the wall is people who don’t appreciate good things coming their way. I myself have been one of those people and i learned my lesson the hard way. you see, i think it’s funny how when something bad happens to you, you blame God for it and say “oh, lord! what have i done? why have you inflicted this upon me?” but when something good comes your way, you simply question it. you ask questions like “why is this happening to me? is there something i don’t know about? is it a lie? no no no, it can’t be true, something’s wrong here.”. could anyone answer me why we accept the bad things that happen to us so much easier than those that are good? i don’t get it! that’s one more thing i have to figure out.
myself, i have had a blessing recently that’s turning into a curse. but knowing that, i can try as i may to cast away this pretentious ghost of things long passed. but that doesn’t mean that i want to. here i bring back that point i spoke of earlier, Acceptance. one really should learn when to accept their losses. try as i may, i still cannot accept that this blessing really is a curse! i don’t know if my instinct are playing tricks on me and telling me that it really is a blessing or i’m just too narrow minded to accept that fact that it’s a curse.

knowing all of that, i have decided to give myself an ultimatum, come that time and i find no answer to my questions, i shall make up my own and act upon them. what those actions may be i cannot guarantee, but rage-vision sure sounds good. my expression of rage varies from excessive physical activities to flat out blasphemy to aggression to something i really cannot share. i sincerely hope that these questions i have would meet their true answer before my tolerance finds a malicious answer sheet at it’s end.


~ by Mazz on 27 December, 2006.

8 Responses to “Rage-vision”

  1. mesh sexy ella shway.. mazz inta mesh galeel

  2. shu ya moey! inta ma bti3rafnni khateer 😛

  3. Hmm, I myself can accept the good things that come to me easier than the bad things. Try to enjoy all the good things in life. Sometimes yes it is difficult to stay open to good things, especially when feeling bad or when many bad things are happening.

    And Moey: what are you saying, i can only read the word sexy….makes me curious ;).

  4. yup. kodus to you.

  5. cuz when somethign good happens it usually ends to be bad. so people who question the good things are being cautious cuz they don’t want to be hit with the bad before they see it coming.

    life has taught us to never trust the good that comes to us because it never lasts. faulty suposition i know but its what people fall back on.

    to accept and enjoy the good that comes we must first reverse that mind set.

  6. how about you enjoy it while it lasts?

  7. I agree on that last remark Mazz…how can we ever enjoy something as long as we keep questioning it? Not all good things turn bad and even if they do, at least you can have to profit of the good part.

  8. Mazen, weinak today?

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