It’s madness i tell you…


the measures we take to ensure that we don’t lose our sanity is sometimes overwhelming.  to the point  where we decide to let go of all matters and float on a non-existent cloud of pretense.why is it that the things that are meant to be simple barely ever are? how hard is it to put your finger on a problem and say “hey, there’s my problem!”? i tell you it’s not supposed to be difficult at all, but it’s madness how sometimes we chose to lie to ourselves and say things like “I’m perfectly normal, i have no issues what so ever”. dear lord, should i indulge in this self deception for too long, strike me down with lighting and turn me into a toad.

Yes, a toad. not a snail, not a sparrow and not a lion. a toad. don’t ask me why, cause i probably won’t be able to tell you.


~ by Mazz on 26 December, 2006.

2 Responses to “It’s madness i tell you…”

  1. very nice shot indeed

  2. i agree with your observation…its sad that people act this way.

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