Consign To Oblivion

so, here i am, about to wake up in less than 5 hours and writing a post in my newly found blog. why you say? cause sometimes typing aimlessly is much easier than talking. bear in mind thought that i won’t be sharing anything too intimate. so here’s the deal, i believe that human beings have a defect that has grown over time to cover more than one side of our daily behaviour. for once, we adopt destructive habbits, the worst of which is self deception.

self deception, let’s look at this phrase for a moment and see what we’ll find out.

Self, one’s own being, the overall consciousness of one’s own life. Deception, the deliberate portrayal of one thing for another.

so now that we’ve established that self deception is basically a deliberate lie we tell ourselves, we can fairly assume that in most cases, it’s a bad thing. a big old boo boo. why do we do it? well that’s for you to find out. while i mostly call myself an educated and aware person, i still cannot help falling into that trap of lies cause it’s much easier to let things happen. mind you, it differs from hope. you see, hope comes with a possibility that this lie is either to come through or fall down a cliff. in either case, you know that it’s not true and that you only wish it were. but with self deception, you are fully aware that whatever it is you’re lying to yourself about is true.

so now that we’ve elaborate extensively on the theories of something that should be able to present it’s own self, let me give out an advice that i myself need to take.

Acceptance is a skill, one that you should use wisely…should you not have that skill, build it and use it extensively in your everyday life.

yes, this post is almost pointless. if you could take a look at my face right now you’d see that i couldn’t care less….


~ by Mazz on 25 December, 2006.

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