Here goes the wheel tumbling up that hill.

Ladies and gents, i present to you the rants and ravings of a sane lunatic.

I’ll start with the following image,

Apparition - All Rights Reserved

This photo is called “Apparition”. i took this photo a while back and i posted it to my flickr accountr only recently. as you can see, it’s been adjusted in Photoshop.

i don’t know what people see when they look at this photo, but to me, it resembles one of the basic errors in human nature. i have come to notice that as people, we tend to be good to those who are evil, undeserving and just plain old bad, and show our evil and bad side to those who deserve what’s best from us.

if you care to ponder that for a moment you’ll realize that while it may not be entirely true, it is to an extent. so why do we do it? i can’t comep up with an answer myself other than that we’re human and we tend to hope and dream of things that are beyond our control. maybe we also do that cause some people like the thrill of it! i don’t know really, but what i do know is that our lives would be so much better if we called things by their names and put an end to all the socially acceptable lies and just do what’s right. not right in the sense of good and evil, maybe the word i’m looking for here is “Correct”.

anyhow, this has been my first real attempt at writing a blog .hope i’ll keep it going.

Cheers and Good Luck, for more photos you can visit


~ by Mazz on 24 December, 2006.

2 Responses to “Here goes the wheel tumbling up that hill.”

  1. amazing start for a blog which im sure will turn out to be often frequented if you keep up the way you started!

    interesting interpertation of the picture.

    btw i think the pic is awesome

  2. I am glad you explained that you didn’t mean it that black and white. I tend to be nice to people whether they are “bad” for me or good for me. Well, if they are really bad to me, I tend to just ignore them and cut them out of my life. No need of putting energy in people that only radiate negativity on yourself.

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