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Aziz Maraka @ Lika@ eka3
Aziz Maraka/RAZ, Mashrou’ Laila Jamming at King Hussain Park.
Photo Credit: Mazen Al-Ali, All Rights Reserved.

Review on it’s way

Chalk it

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It just aint’ worth it!

for all you whiners out there!

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yep, you read it right! WHINERS!


*self included!

Tiz all so very

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The weaver

We have all spun the ones we’re stuck in!

The Ancient Hermit of the Cliffs

•2 June, 2009 • 2 Comments


The ancient hermit of the cliffs

Confined in spaces

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Fitting together

Confined in spaces
never ending places
a grain of sand at a time
a blow to the gut a turn